Telemental Health

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Our services: Telemental Health Offered!

A very effective new way of providing Mental Health help is to use video conferencing.  We are both seeing patients from their place - be it home, work, or the Costco parking lot - for our sessions.  We are finding that this is really appealing, as it saves getting ready, fighting traffic/weather to drive to our office. and meeting on our turf rather that theirs.  Many have said they feel we can do better work when they are relaxed at home or the place of their choice.  

Covered by Insurance

Washington Code (RCW 48.43.735) mandates that all insurance companies doing business in our state must provide payment for telemental health services for any patient they would cover for an in-office visit.


Is this private?

We use VSee, a HIPAA-Compliant service.  You control who can overhear on your end. No one will be able to see or hear what we cover - from the system or from our end.  Our sessions are not recorded.

Is it hard to set up?

We send you an invitation for you to click on from your video-enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Once you have accepted the invitation, you are in our system.  When it is time for our appointment, you sign in to the VSee app.  We then call you and have our session.

What if I am 'technology challenged'?  

Our Practice Manager, Cindy, is a pro at walking you though the process of getting set up. She is patient and kind as you learn how to do this.  No worries!